Doctored photograph of a crowd of people wearing white masks.

"Look, just host our website. It'll be fine, we promise."

Earlier today in the Ars Technica staff Slack channel, a call went out—"is 8chan down for other people? I can't get it to load anymore." This brings up the interesting question of how to check where and why a site might be down, as well as whether it can even load for anyone.

But first a little background.

When Cloudflare finally had enough of 8chan and fired it, the site—notoriously a haven for mass shooters and their fans—immediately jumped ship for BitMitigate, the same CDN that hosts far-right white nationalist site The Daily Stormer. The site also changed DNS and Web hosting to Epik, which is the parent company to BitMitigate and the host of far-right social media platform Gab.

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