Fitbit's Versa smartwatch was such a big hit that the company created the Versa Lite for athletes who wanted the same look in a more affordable device. Now, Fitbit is revamping the original Versa with the introduction of the Versa 2, the second generation of the all-purpose smartwatch. The Versa 2 will have the same price as the original Versa did—$200—and it will have a Special Edition version that comes with two bands for $230.

The Versa 2 doesn't change much about the exterior design of the smartwatch. That's one of the things users reportedly like most about the Versa: it's practical yet chameleonic in its attractiveness. So Fitbit left that aspect of the watch untouched. The company improved the screen, though, by making it slightly larger and introducing an optional, always-on mode. So if you choose to use this mode, you won't have to wait for the screen to turn from black to your clock face whenever you want to check the time.

To support such a feature, Fitbit had to increase the Versa 2's battery life. The company claims the new battery, like its predecessor, will still get at least five days of life while tracking activity and sleep. But users will probably not notice a huge jump in days of life between the Versa 2 and the original Versa.

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