Everyone's favorite crime-fighting zombie show made its final bow last week after five glorious seasons of murder, mayhem, and tasty brains. Alas, despite an otherwise solid (and occasionally inspired) fifth season, iZombie's finale proved to be an over-rushed, dissatisfying conclusion to one of my favorite shows on television.

(Spoilers for all five seasons of iZombie below, but no spoilers for the series finale.)

The show is based on the comic book series created by Chris Roberson (writer) and Michael Allred (artist) for DC Comics. In the comics, the central zombie is a gravedigger named Gwen in Eugene, Oregon, who can maintain the appearance of normalcy so long as she consumes brains once a month. Her gravedigger profession comes in handy in that respect. There's one big side effect, however: she inherits some of the memories and personality traits of whatever dead person's brain she consumed.

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