Trump admin reportedly drafting order to counter social media “bias”

Enlarge (credit: 350z33)

The Trump administration seems determined to take action with its irritation with social media networks' supposed bias against right-wing speech , as the White House is reportedly drafting an executive order directing agencies to do something about it.

Politico reported earlier this week that the White House was circulating drafts of a proposed order, but the site couldn't get anyone to describe what was in this document. Today, however, CNN says it has seen a summary of the draft executive order.

The current draft, called "Protecting Americans from Online Censorship," would put the burden of Internet content management on the Federal Communications Commission, calling on the agency—which has never before dealt with regulation of online content—to develop regulations clarifying under what circumstances social media platforms are protected by the law when moderating content. It also says the Federal Trade Commission should consider whatever policies the FCC comes up with when it investigates companies for not adhering to their stated policies.

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