Designing accessible color systems

The team at Stripe explores how they’re refining their color palette to make it more accessible and legible for users across all their products and interfaces. Not only that but the team built a wonderful and yet entirely bonkers app for figuring out the ideal range of colors that they needed.

We built a web interface to allow us to visualize and manipulate our color system using perceptually uniform color models. The tool gave us an immediate feedback loop while

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Laying the Foundations

Here’s a new book by Andrew Couldwell all about design systems and his team’s experience at Sprout Social. For a while now they’ve been building Seeds, a brand guide that the internal team can and reference for brand and design-related things, including patterns, variables, and components. I’m looking forward to reading the book because it looks like his experience with Seeds will offer a bunch of insightful thoughts and advice.

From the book’s description:

This is real talk about

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A Codebase and a Community

I woke up one morning and realized that I had it all wrong. I discovered that code and design are unable to solve every problem on a design systems team, even if many problems can be solved by coding and designing in a dark room all day. Wait, huh? How on earth does that make any sense? Well, that’s because good design systems work is about hiring, too.

Let me explain.

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