Adaptive locomotion of artificial microswimmers

Bacteria display remarkable plasticity by exploiting mechanics in response to locally changing physical and chemical conditions. Compliant structures usually assist their taxis behavior to navigate inside complex and structured environments. Bioinspired microbiological mechanisms contain rationally designed architectures capable of large, nonlinear deformation to introduce autonomy into engineered small-scale devices. Source: Techxplore

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A new roving biologger that travels along a sperm whale's body surface

A team of researchers at Yamagata University and Teikyo University of Science, in Japan, have recently developed a new roving biologger, or whale rover, which can travel along a sperm whale’s body surface and collect valuable behavioral data. Biologging entails the biological tracking of individual animals, typically by attaching small dataloggers directly to their bodies. […]

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Researchers find adding silicone oil enhances contracting force of self-zipping origami robots

A trio of researchers at the University of Bristol has found that adding a drop of silicone oil to oppositely charged ribbons significantly enhanced their ability to perform as self-zipping origami robots. In their paper published in the journal Science Robotics, Majid Taghavi, Tim Helps and Jonathan Rossiter describe their experiments with the oil and […]

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